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PairRangeTraderMonthly Lease

PairRangeTrader is an Excel-based VBA application which allows you to auto-trade pairs & single stocks based on ATR, Bollinger bands, or your custom spread or stock price chart based entry and exit points.

Goldman Sachs’ Redi+ trading platform is required to use this application. DDE is used to supply up to date price and volume related information for your stocks or pairs and Active-X is used to automatically submit orders to buy and sell stocks as per your predefined or dynamically updated business plans.

PairRangeTrader helps you track pair and single stock positions and maintain a record of your P&L in individual positions as well as your entire portfolio throughout the course of each trading day.

PairRangeTrader features:

  • Easy upgrade - PairRangeTrader can automatically import your list of pairs, parameter, business plans, and open layers from previous versions of PairRangeTrader
  • Over/Under Weighting - At any time you can add or subtract a leg of long or short stock from your active pairs/stocks, or you can temporarily take off all your long or short positions so they can be put on again when a market shocking event has passed.
  • Customizable – You can add your own pages to the workbook and use your own formulas to dynamically alter your business plans based on market conditions.
  • Real-time execution - PairRangeTrader can be set to use snapshots where it scans for conditions requiring auto trading every n seconds or you can set it to use event based execution where it checks for the need to autotrade whenever a new last print comes in for any of the stocks in your portfolio
  • Illegal sell prevention PairRangeTrader will not submit a "sell long" order if you don't have enough size in your open position, nor will PairRangeTrader sell short if you have a long position or no position on
  • Paper-trading - enables you to test functionality and strategy without actually submitting orders to Redi
  • Track stale pairs shows you pairs which you haven't traded for n days
  • Opening Gap autotrading - set up buy and sell levels for a neutral pair and wait. Whichever target is hit first, a layer will be added and pair's bias will be changed accordingly
  • Semi-Manual tradesOrder page allows you to click on the Buy or Sell spread price of a pair to immediately buy or sell a leg of that pair independently of your business plan based autotrading
  • Manual business plan adjustment – You can change the entry and exit points in your business plan or just for the current and next leg’s exit and entry points by just typing over what you have there at the moment.
  • Automatic stops and re-entries - a stop will take the last layer off (or your entire position and will stop autotrading for the pair.. Trailing stops will adjust to remain at most a specified distance behind the movement of a trending pair’s spread price. Trailing re-entries will allow you to automatically re-enter a leg after a pull-back within a trend.
  • Go With – Neutral oriented pairs can be set to put on a position in the direction of a breakout from a trading range.
  • Liquidation Only modes- set PairRangeTrader to only take layers off.
  • Distance to target- PairRangeTrader shows you the distance to the closest execution target.
  • Longer Term statistics- – Import data from Spreadhistory.
  • PairRangeTrader is Available to LeaseBright Traders - Lease


    Portfolio Watcher Automated - PWAMonthly Lease

    PWA is an advanced Excel-based application which allows you to auto-trade pairs & single stocks based on volatility (ATR) and your custom formulas.

    It's capable of executing live trades through Goldman Sachs Redi+ and Sterling Pro platforms and can work in paper-trading mode with Redi+, Sterling Pro, eSignal, Obsidian, Bloomberg, ThinkOrSwim and IQLink.

    Using the above data providers (DDE links) you may monitor your pairs and single stocks, submit manual trades through your trading platform and record prices in PWA. This will allow you to monitor and manage your portfolio manuall,y in case if execution is not yet supported for your platform.

    PWA helps you manage and keep track of pair and single stock positions in real-time, as well as keep accounting of all of your trades.
    PWA features:
    • Easy switch or upgrade - PWA can automatically import your list of pairs, open layers or all layers from PW1.6X or previous versions of PWA
    • Automatic accounting - trades are automatically recorded for each pair so you can see your layer positions
    • Extra long/short - depending on market conditions you may adjust all of your next layers to be a certain percentage extra long or extra short capital. (Old layer will not be affected)
    • Simple and intuitive - user interface is SIMPLE and is very similar to PW1.6x. It is organized in such a way that you will know where to find whatever functionality you're looking for
    • Flexible and customizable - source code of the workbook is not locked, so you can modify the entire program to fit your needs. You're also given full access to every formula in the workbook
    • Custom formulas - your custom formulas can be set as part of the workbook so that new pairs will automatically inherit them
    • Your own ALGO - you can build custom buy/sell/stop formulas and make PWA execute trades based on those formulas
    • Real-time execution - PWA doesn't use Excel's timer to execute trades. Instead, execution occurs in real-time as soon as a buy or sell target is hit
    • Execution & Slippage control - modified 'alert' functionality allows for precise execution within allowed slippage. You may set up different slippage tolerances for each pair
    • Illegal sell prevention - PWA will not submit a "sell long" order if you don't have enough, and PWA will not sell short if you have a long position on
    • Paper-trading - enables you to test functionality and strategy before submitting live orders
    • Identify stale capital - PWA quickly shows you pairs which you haven't traded for X-number of days
    • Neutral pairs ready for execution - set up buy and sell levels for a neutral pair and wait. Whichever target is hit first, a layer will be added and pair's bias will be changed accordingly
    • Back to neutral - ability to set your pairs or stocks back to "Neutral" bias when last layer is taken off
    • Quick & easy manual trades - Double-click on a PNL of a layer take this layer off or on an empty layer to put one on
    • On-the-fly adjustment of trading rules - when you double-click on a layer (empty or existing), you will be presented with a window which allows to change every rule for the particular pair and save
    • Sort by any column - sort instantly by distance to closest target, total layers, pair production, days since last layer was put on etc. Endless possibilities to view your portfolio!
    • Independence of the pair-ratio - no matter what ratio you're watching, your layers may be put on with a static ratio or self-adjust depending on prices of each security to make the position as close to capital balance as possible
    • Take off whatever was put on - you no longer have to worry about the auto-trader confusing share sizes - PWA will take off the entire layer as it's recorded in accounting sheet
    • Stops (take a layer off) - a stop will take the last layer off and will not re-arm the pair again. Trailing stop, regular stop, automatic stop after a certain layer..
    • Go With (put a layer on) - a go-with target is above current price for long and below current price for short. Once it goes past it, a trade will be executed
    • Acquisition and Liquidation modes - set PWA to only put layers on or only take layers off
    • Distance to target - PWA shows you the distance to the closest execution target - Buy, Sell, Stop or Go-with or Trailing Stop. It's colored Green or Red depending on the execution being a Buy or a Sell. When a target is within 10 cents or past the trigger price, distance to target will be highlighted yellow.
    • eSignal compatibility - you may work with PWA on weekends by using eSignal DDE links
    • Connectivity to external data - plug-in data from Spreadhistory or PairStats into PWA to get up-to-date statistic
    • Voice and message alerts - set up targets and recieve alerts when these targets are reached



    PairStatsMonthly access fee

    PairStats enables users to have on-demand calculations of the following statistics:
    • ATR calculations for the spread price of the pair (or single stocks) based on a given time period (days, months)
    • Average Daily Ranges of pairs or single stocks for a given time period
    • Spread High & Spread Low for given periods
    • Pair correlations or correlation of single stocks with SPY
    • Simple moving averages based on Pivot and Prev. Close
    • Bollinger bands based on Pivot and Prev. Close (as well as standard deviation for the given period)
    • Pivot points, Support 1 (S1), S2, S3, Resistance 1 (R1), R2, R3
    • You may also retrieve 92 data points of fundamental data for each stock

    Date collected using PairStats may be imported into PWA automated pair-trading platform and used for informed decisions and automation of exits & entries.


    PairREVCost $495 USD

    • Integrates with REDI and eSignal to update Montages and charts with one click Slide show feature steps through your list of pairs continously, bringing each into your eSignal charts
    • Fast, efficient manual and semi-automated pair trading
    • Eliminates bias mistakes which are easily made when placing trades through REDI montages
    • Live sorting of pair list by many key factors and any column you choose Fundamental and historical comparison in 2 clicks
    • Live research links to useful Internet sites Live Price/Book advantage calculation Position tracking information in view with more detail a click away
    • Quickly add and delete pairs during trading hours - 30 seconds Excellent companion to Pair Range Trader; allows you to quickly adjust or trade around a position
    • Works with Trade Tracker Automated Accounting for detailed accounting of all trades Go-With entry stops and Trailing Stop-loss, plus basic limit entry and target exit for Pairs
    • Spoken audio price alerts and audio alerts to automated trades triggered
    • Clear visual reminder of triggered alerts
    • Global share size multiplier and Individual pair share over rides for position sizing your way
    • Live optimal factor display and individual factor override for capital balance
    • New: single stock trading capability
    • New: Make daily backups of your pair and position data with one click
    • New - Distance from pair VWAP displayed
    • New - Crutch trading into or out of a layer made easy, inclucing updates to layer data

    Bright Traders - Purchase

    Opening Only OrdersCost $295 USD

    • Submits multiple layers of opening only orders, adjusting for Beta and other criteria
    • Once filled, the program monitors and submits limit orders to take you out of all or a portion of your position
    • Fixed, proportional and trailing virtual stop losses with automatic adjustments based on stock movements
    • Track ing and charting of actual and potential fills, profits and losses
    • Complete automated management of opening only orders
    • Choose from the Fair Value based Opening Only program or the Pre-Open Indications based program

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    Tape ReaderCost $295 USD

    TapeReader is a spreadsheet which will monitor up to 256 stocksevery 3 seconds and present alert messages in voice or ticker.

    The available alerts are:

    • Open Crossing Alerts
    • Previous Close Crossing Alerts
    • ATRs from high or low of the day Alerts
    • Big Volume Alerts
    • Bid - Ask - Last Price Gap Alerts

    The alerts can be individually enabled or disabled on the fly.

    You can specify the size of the various moves which you want to bealerted to. It displays numerous indications of how far away fromits expected value by various criteria the current stock price is.It displays the following items in real time without scrolling forup to 123 stocks:

    Symbol, Last price, change from open, change from previous close,distance from midpoint between the high and low of the current day'sspread price, Maximum excursion the stock made from that midpoint forthe day. The distances can be expressed as fractions or % of the 5 or65 day ATRs. The distances from the open can also be expressed as % ofthe stock price.

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    Basket Trading SoftwareCost $795 USD

    • Includes two search engines for creating baskets: one throughout the entire market for general traits and another within a subset of stocks for current performance.
    • For each basket the total capital and correlation to the market are shown and adjustable with many parameters.
    • Orders can be submitted at Limit, Limit +/- or Market.
    • Once submitted, the performance of the basket is tracked to notify you of the current basket's profitability.

    Bright Traders - Purchase



    All Software Programs are issued on a two-week free trial basis.  All come with 1-year technical support, upgrades and include detailed user manuals.  If you have other trading strategies you need automated, give us a call.  Group pricing available.  All prices quoted in USD.