Rob Friesen - Timeline




Born in Eldoret, Kenya


Moved to Langley, British Columbia

Volunteered for non-profit organization feeding 3000 kids per day.  Also volunteered on a freighter carrying food and equipment from Ft. Pierce, FL to Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Lead a relay team across Canada to raise money for the Somalia Famine Fund and Canadian Food Banks.

1988 - 1989

Janitor for Save-On-Foods

1989 - 1992

Manager - Woodwards/Eaton's In-Home Cleaning

1992 - 1997

Broker - Recycling (Delta Municipality)


Started and sold Infront Communications, Inc.

1992 - 1998

Traded penny stocks on VSE & TSE

1996 - 1998

Bought, managed and sold a Water Pure & Simple Bottle Water Franchise

Jan. 1998

Started trading with Bob Bright & Bright Trading in Las Vegas, NV

Aug. 1998

Opened Bright office in Seattle, WA with 8 traders.

Mar. 2000

Received registration from BC Securities Commissions and began trading with traders from home.

Jun. 2000

Started Traders Edge Bed & Breakfast providing mentoring and education in Risk Arbitrage.

Dec. 2000

Opened Bright Trading office in Langley, BC.


Began trading pairs with FNM-FRE.


Co-founded PairCo, LLC.


Co-authored the Art of the Arb trading manual.


Started PairCo Capital Holdings, LLC


After being plagued with registration rule changes in Canada, finally settled with and received lifetime exemption from BC Securities Commission.