BTM Mentoring Program

Description: A mentoring program for traders by traders. This subscription operates in both a large and small group format. Everyday current market events, news, q&a's and trades are called out on the large group live audio feed. In the small groups there is vibrant discussion about all that trading encompasses. On a regular basisvuseful resources and programs are distributed to provide new insight and infuse your trading with creativity. We have several qualified and experienced facilitators including: Rob Friesen, Mitch Weiss, and Dan Steinberg that provide quality content on a daily basis.If you are trading from home or are in isolation this is a great way to feel and be connected. If you are interested in joining please contact

Cost:$150.00/month (billed on a month-by-month with a preferably 6 month commitment)
JVC Cost: $100/month can be charged to your JVC. The other $50 will be billed to your Class "B"

Platforms Used: Skype, TeamSpeak 2 and 3

Member Area