Rob Friesen


CEO of PairCo, LLC
Managing Partner of PairCo Capital Holdings, LLC (PCH)

Manager of Bright Trading, LLC - Langley, BC
Regional Manager for Bright Trading, LLC
Trader/Member of PCH and Bright Trading

Mentor, Educator & Author
Developer of Strategies and Systems
Designer of Automated Trading Platforms

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Rob Friesen is the co-founder and CEO of PairCo, LLC, which provides data, education, and software for stock traders. He is also a managing partner of PairCo Capital Holdings, LLC, which sponsors and mentors undercapitalized traders. Mr. Friesen co-moderates a chat room for remote traders, making calls on pair opportunities and offering help during "teachable moments." He co-authored The Art of the Arb, which explains the various strategies and techniques that his own managed and sponsored traders use everyday.

With a variety of experience as an entrepreneur, manager, and trader, Mr. Friesen leads others with creativity and innovation. With his goal of developing 100 successful traders who combine the art form of trading with high levels of automation over the next 3 years, Mr. Friesen's teams of professional traders are advancing in today's low volatility markets through automation and diversified pair portfolios.

Mr. Friesen started trading at Bright Trading with Bob Bright in 1998. Since then he has opened the Seattle, WA office with eight traders and assisted with the set up of 7 other new offices.  He started out in Langley with the Traders Edge Bed & Breakfast providing mentoring and education in Risk Arbitrage trading and opened the Bright Trading office in Langley by the end of the year.

His plans for the future include co-authoring another book with Darren Clifford, introducing new automated products, creating more strategic partnerships and affiliates and opening more offices.  Most importantly, he will continue to build a company that's success is based on assisting traders and students to be successful.