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This class includes more content and teaching time than a University Course. 84 hours of combined theory, discussion, demonstration, and situational teaching during market hours. We work together on actual trades, learning execution and money management. Use our automated programs during the course in addition to learning manual trading techniques.

Included with Comprehensive Course:
  • Two months free subscription to
    Portfolio Watcher and Portfolio Analyzer included
  • Continuing E-mail Q & A help for as long you feel you need it.

  • The "Art of the Arb" Manual ($495.00 Value) in addition to the Course Manual.

  • Quality Lunches and Dinners provided, extra time together, transportation to and from airport and hotel, some sightseeing when time permits.

Various Topics Comprehensively Covered:
  • Mechanics of Pair Trading

  • Capital Distribution and Money Management

  • A Business Plan for Each Pair

  • Parameters and Disciplines

  • Stop Losses and Hedging Techniques

  • Risk Arbitrage vs. Statistical Arbitrage

  • Laws of Probability, Gaming Theory

  • Capturing Momentum within Pair Trading

  • Proactive Trading vs. Passive Trading

  • 3-way, 4-way and 6-way Combinations

  • Capturing Positive Slippage Naturally

  • Forces, Seasonal and Daily that Influence Pair

  • Using Repeating Weekly Events

  • Overcoming Trending Pairs

  • Tape Reading - Recognizing Supply and Demand

  • Opening Orders with Pairs

  • Diversification - Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Psychology of Spread Trading

  • Twelve Trading Tools of the Spread Trader

  • Optimized Capital Allocation

  • System Trading and Back Testing

  • Relative Strength and Envelope Baskets

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Value Pair Investing

  • Trading with Automated Programs (e.g. Opens, Envelopes, Pairs, Baskets)


Thanks for recommending Rob's Pair Trading Course in Vancouver. Rob's a great teacher and trader and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take the course. It wasn't only a Pair Trading course, but a thorough and detailed course in the basics of how to trade markets. Rob is a rare trading mentor in that he's very patient with you as you learn the material and makes certain you understand each point. He doesn't cut any corners. Moreover, Rob is a wonderful host, taking you to see the sights in and around Vancouver as well as a nice dinner and lunch each day." - DAVID

"Thanks again for an extremely instructive week. I was very impressed by your office and the team that you are building up." - OLIVER

"Thanks for all your help; I owe all my stock trading success and progress to you. I can not begin to tell you how much that means to me" - MIKE

"I am writing you to thank you for everything you taught me. I got my confidence back." - HENRY

Private Mentoring:

Like any new endeavor that you want to excel at, someone has probably done it before. If you're really serious about becoming a successful professional trader than it's important you find someone to show you the way. PairCo, LLC would be happy to mentor you in your pair trading endeavors. Private Mentoring is completely one on one and uniquely tailored to your current experience and goals. Private Mentoring can last from a few hours to many weeks.

Private Mentoring is very unique to each trader, and current pricing is not available simply as a flat rate. Please call for a consultation on whether this unique approach is appropriate for you. Please contact Rob Friesen at 604-539-8700 (Pacific Time Zone) for more information.

For more information please contact:

Rob Friesen (Langley Office)

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